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😳 Did you get my last email about my huge sale? 🧐

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

If you're subscribed, chances are you got it, woo-hoo! If not, you may need to check your spam folder and be sure to add me to your contacts list.

I am doing some active back office tidying up and with that, I also have rolled out a huge fall sale! (details below)

Before I share the promotion, I want to reach out today to give a virtual hug and genuinely check on you.

How are things going for you, really?

I have heard from many folks, and some whom I have previously consulted, that they are struggling, and I know personally how that can feel, especially coming into the fall and holiday season (especially in the US).

If things are going wonderfully for you, I want to hear about it! What has your journey and experience been like? I'd love to hear you "toot your own horn," and talk about a chance to feature you on an upcoming podcast episode! (Reply to )

However, if you are one of the folks who are struggling at any level of your journey, I want to take a moment to share my heart with you.

This fall, like each previous year after becoming a widow (I am approaching my year 4 anniversary), I still get emotional and sometimes in a funky headspace. For me, fall was a celebratory and anniversary-filled time of year that I looked forward to, and now these anniversaries are a painful reminder of a life I used to have.

But before I go into a full widow-grief tangent, I want to share that more often than not nowadays, I am able to easily keep even those turbulent emotional waves pretty calm and steady.

I don't say any of this to brag, but instead, I hope you know I am sharing to inspire.

Every single one of us has had or will have, some of the hardest life circumstances. But our power, in case you need a reminder, can be found in our ability to keep a detachment mindset to those negative thoughts and feelings.

Yes, those hard feelings and emotions are ours, but instead, I want to challenge you to still feel them when they come, without holding on, and let them go with gratitude when your awareness brings more pleasant things to you. And this will be easier with practice!

I know this is easier said than done, but trust me when I say, that constantly staying in a "victim" mentality can shorten your life. I have seen this first-hand and thankfully avoided that fate by embracing my fasting-focused lifestyle. To also speak candidly through a few tears at the moment typing this, it would hurt my heart terribly to hear of any of my fasters falling gravely ill or passing away prematurely because of a missed chance at improving their health.

To personally assist you this season, for the entire month of September, I am setting up a special promotion. (and a special bonus)

Starting today, until the 30th, I will have 2 special promotions going:

Am I crazy to be dropping my prices this low? Probably, but the way I see it, I know what it's like to want help and support when you are on a VERY tight budget, believe me, I just don't want anyone to struggle in their journey. Also, the holiday season is coming soon, and this is my way of allowing you to get off to a good start before the year's end.

(Please reach out if you have questions or need additional accommodations)

So while I extend this offer I also want to add an exclusive bonus for you all, including the folks who have purchased my handbook.

I am currently in the works of batch-making more of my special bracelets, and I want to send them out to more folks who need the physical reminder. For those who don't know, IBIYEIYD is the mantra I have adopted since beginning my consulting journey. Read more in my blog post

And yes, I want to give them away, the only fee I ask is towards shipping (Etsy page linked here)

That's all for now, but again, I am here, ready to help.

Remember- My 30-day plan sale is only until the end of September!

I know you can be successful on your journey, and

I believe in you, even if you don't.

Virtual hugs to you ✨💛,

Vicki Sheerin

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