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I Manifested THIS! ✨🥹💛

Greetings again, dear reader.

First, I want to thank you again for being a subscriber to The Fasting Focused Lifestyle. (*If you no longer wish to stay subscribed, there is an unsubscribe link below, and no judgments btw.)

My calendar and inbox have been exploding with beautiful feedback and readiness from many of you who have taken action and signed up for my 30-day fasting plan bundle! Big gratitude hugs to each of you! If you have been previously on the fence about getting support with me, I understand, especially if you have never integrated into fasting correctly, or have been able to "catch your stride."

Consider this your gentle reminder... I will always believe in your ability to reach your fasting goal. Every single message, order, and payment that comes in brings a pause to me, and I go inward, profusely thanking you for thinking of your future self and health. I want you all to realize, your health is YOUR wealth! (Time is money, remember?)

Success with a lifestyle of fasting means that you're ready to challenge everything you've known or have been told as to "how" and "what" the process has to be like. And I am here, eagerly, excitedly, and always charismatically ready to support you, cheer you on, and remind you of your power.

✨Fasting is a POWERFUL and LIFECHANGING tool, and can work for ANYONE who needs it!

✨Fasting is the oldest healing modality in recorded human history for a reason... Our bodies depend on this balance.

✨Fasting allows the body to remind itself it can metabolically switch to using stored fat for energy use.

✨Fasting allows for deep cellular cleaning over time, providing a plethora of health benefits, for the body AND the mind.

I have personally experienced all of these myself, and I want them for you too. 💛


To personally assist you this season, I have set up an extra special promotion for the entire month of September. (and a special bonus) Until the 30th, I will have these special promotions going:

Am I still a little crazy to be discounting my prices this low? Probably, but the way I see it, I know what it's like to want help and support when you are on a tight budget, believe me. Also, the holiday season is quickly approaching, and this is my way of offering to support you to a good start before the year's end. So while I extend this offer I also want to add an exclusive bonus for you all, including the folks who have purchased my handbook.

I am currently in the works of batch-making more of my special bracelets, and I want to send them out to more folks who need the physical reminder. For those who don't know, IBIYEIYD is the mantra I have adopted since beginning my consulting journey. Read more in my blog post And yes, I want to give them away, the only fee I ask is towards shipping (linked here) That's all for now, but again, I am here, ready to help. I know you can be successful on your journey, and I believe in you, even if you don't. 💛

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