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I Wish I Could Help Everyone For Free, But Instead, I Have A Solution!

Pay what you can.

Yes, you read that right.

I know how many of us are under financial hardship, especially this time of the year. Everything has become so insanely costly with the increase in prices of everything.

I also know there are many folks out there who have contacted me about getting support because of low funds and inability to pay.

While I have helped many folks and close friends for no charge, it all too often has resulted in falling off the wagon completely. Studies show that when we invest money, even a small amount, into our weight loss efforts, we're more likely to stick with it.

This is why I have decided to start to offer support for what you can afford. I have set a reasonable minimum donation fee of $5. My hope with rolling out this offer is to allow access and support to anyone who is genuinely ready to dedicate themselves and start, while also experiencing limited financial resources. These people are often the ones who suffer the most yet need the most help.

Please know that consultations with me will always be safe, supportive, and respectful. My goal is to always empower every faster with the tools needed to be as successful as possible, I want to see you succeed!

Please know that your request to book will be approved after receipt of the donation to PayPal.

I hope this option continues to be an accessible option for anyone in need who has felt like they could benefit from 1-on-1 coaching with me.

I believe in you, even if you don't - VS


I recently announced my special BLACK FRIDAY BOGO sale, but just in case you missed it, here's the breakdown.

With the 30-Day Fasting Support Plan (and everything that already comes with it), I have decided to also include the Group Support Plan, which includes access to 6 online group meetings, FOR FREE! These group meetings are held bi-weekly (all available dates are on my calendar).

If you are ready to get started on your journey and really benefit from bonus group support, this sale will cover all the bases!

My BLACK FRIDAY SALE will continue to be effective for the rest of this year:

And for those who need support, but don't quite need the full consultation services, I am still running a subscriber promotional sale on my handbook:

"The Fasting Focused Lifestyle Official Handbook" Sale: (Originally $34.95) now only $19.95 (*must be a subscriber to my email list to get promotional code!)

Big virtual hugs to you! You got this! Now lets go get your after! 😉

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Your sweet genuine heart knows no bounds. I hope my fellow fasters who seek your assistance are folks of integrity. ❤️

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