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Updated: Sep 5, 2023

✨I believe in you, even if you don’t✨

This has been my mantra since starting The Fasting Focused Lifestyle.

This saying came to me as a stark contrast to what is pumped out by conventional diet culture rhetoric. “Diet culture” wants to make you believe that all your fixes for your weight are external… pills, powders, patches, and even surgeries.

The fasting-focused lifestyle and the #IBIYEIYD mantra are a testament to the incredible power of this way of life. Many don’t (and won’t) believe what is possible, until you see the magic yourself.

This is the “magic sauce,” as I would call it. Belief in yourself and your ability to heal from within. I believe in the power of this lifestyle SO feverishly, and I want everyone (who needs it) to know what is possible. I want everyone to be “an after.”

I have many bracelets that I have made, and I want to give them all away. All I would ask for in payment would be a $10 donation towards shipping, processed through my Etsy page

The world needs more healthy happy people who are able to heal themselves, and I’ve happily stepped into this role to be the catalyst for the change I wish to see in the world.

Big hugs to you, I know you can do this, and I can help.

For virtual consultations with me, please check my calendar:

✨💛 -Vicki

(Ps, please let me know if financial hardships are keeping you from achieving your goals, I will never turn anyone away💛)

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