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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

*DISCLAIMER: Minimally dressed Before and After Pics/Video*

Greetings Fasting Friends! 💛

Those of you who have connected with me and my story through the Facebook group created by Dr. Fung and his folks, may have seen the post I made in that group.

I wanted to share this post specifically with you all because within this single post, I am rediscovering my power of impact on others, new validity in my journey through all the struggles, and and even more deep meaning of self-love and acceptance that I feel absolutely compelled to pour back into you all.

Read below:

Left: 367lbs (Aug. 9th, 2018 )

Right: 172lbs (Sept 20th, 2021)


(This was a video I specifically made for that post due to the many requests across my experiences with sharing my results regarding concerns over my loose skin after losing 203lbs in 2 years. If you're curious about the "extra skin" that may be left after weight is lost with fasting, check this out:)

My journey started Aug 2018. I was emotionally eating myself to death. I was in the emotional aftermath of quickly and messily losing both grandparents. It wrecked me.

Now over 3 years since starting, I’ve overcome the emotional eating monster, used fasting to get through the death of my husband midway in my journey, stayed steadfast through the global struggles of 2020 and managed to shed over 200lbs (total:203.8lbs).

Yes I do have some SLIGHT saggy skin, but I’m elated at the continued progress, as I continue to fast in some form, every day. I have no desire to have any surgical interventions or alterations of any kind. My body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal.

If a stressful situation arises in my life, I extend my fast for emotional stability. It’s my balance and it works beautifully for me.

The biggest and most meaningful component of this journey has been finding the happiness and love despite the day to day shit.

This journey is nothing to be rushed or half-assed. Your life is precious and is worth the work and effort, but your efforts need to be consistent.

Show up for yourself every day, the results will compound and will progress as long as you do not stop! Don’t give up on yourself and if you have negative self-thoughts playing through your head, call them out and find ways to flip them to positive.

Your mindset is EVERYTHING. It can make or break you. I have not had a perfect journey, I’ve plateaued and felt defeated but kept going.

One thing I’ve noticed consistently from others is the acceptance of negative self-talk when slipping up (or plateauing). This is absolutely toxic and that alone can wreck you if you let it, so knock it off already!

There are so many more components to my success on this journey that I’ve shared if you’re interested.

My point is, life is short, if you want to fix your mess, you can, there’s still time, no matter the circumstance. Be patient, kind, loving and compassionate to yourself. Yes I’ve got tons of recognition from many outlets but my goal with sharing candidly has never been fame or showing off. I want to show that if I can do it, you can too.

Fasting has COMPLETELY changed my life. I want this for folks who want it too.

I believe in you, even if you don’t.

Hugs to you all. 💛-VS

>> If you are in need of any support on your fasting journey, I would love to help. My fees for consulting services are donation-based while I finish my degree. I will not turn anyone away who is ready and willing to implement changes and commit to their journey!

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Gloria S.
Gloria S.
Oct 12, 2021

You motivated me to get serious, I have been fasting daily over the past 2 weeks (with a few 48-72 hour fasts thrown in). I'm 46 hours into a 72 hour fast and was about to cave so I came here for motivation 😃

Did you have times when you couldn't do anything other than think of food while fasting? If yes, how did you power through those times?

Thanks for sharing your journey,


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