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It's Been a Hot Minute, Sorry About That!

Eeek! Oh my goodness everyone!

There has been so much lovely chaos, I didn't mean to put off making a post here for you all, but the loveliness of life just took me away for a bit longer than expected... But I am back and excited to share some great new updates to my fasting life! (Especially since you all will benefit from these:)

So I'm going to go a little journal-esque here while I "toot my own horn" for a few. The courses I have continued towards my Bachelor's in Health Sciences degree from Arizona State University have been incredible and immediately implementable for this community. (Plus, I've made the Dean's List for the first time and I'm really nerdishly excited over that achievement too!)

  • Behavior through our emotions and how deeply rooted it is to our childhood and adolescence years.

  • Our body image beliefs, self talk and thoughts and feelings influence more of our words and behaviors than we realize, and again this is something that stems from a very earth age.

  • Nutrition is something to absolutely take seriously if you have any expectations of a long life. At some point in everyone’s life, a nutrient deficiency will most likely present itself and allopathic medicinal intervention can be prevented by simple and small adjustments in your food choices. (And often for less than what you’d pay for supplements)

And my favorite takeaway?

Fasting and our community is gaining tremendous respect, validity, accountability, and reputability.

As I have continued to share my story when possible in class assignments and discussions, I am always so tickled to read of others‘ successes too. This, to me, being the change I wish to see in the world.

This lifestyle can change your life.

Lastly, a common theme I have noticed too: A growth mindset is essential in life and we should also meditate as often as possible, because this is something that can be incredibly impactful on the rest of your life.


Yesterday I shared a video on my facebook page and group, my website had been down, and as you can see from this post, we are back up and operational, (which was partially the reason for this post) and I am excited about the newest episode of my podcast, where I interview long time faster and friend of mine, Ms Amber K.

Amber's story is incredible and there are many elements of her story that parallel mine and I am so proud of what she has accomplished with this lifestyle.

Again, I want to thank YOU!

You, who's reading this, you're taking accountability for your life and health and future, and you need to realize how friggen beautiful and amazing that is. Can you feel it?!

Even if you are struggling in this moment, this is my reminder to you to stop a moment, take a breath, and imagine a virtual hug, reminding you that you've got this. I truly care about you and want to see you succeed. If you need any supportive coaching, insight or information to refine your fasting journey, I am here and would love to assist you on reaching your goals.

* * I Believe In You, Even If You Don't * *


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