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Who says massive weight loss requires surgery?

Who made this a general expectation?

For me, this is a fallacy.

Weight loss surgery, I feel, is like a dangerous elective cosmetic surgery. (Hear me out)

If you were like me and obese for pretty much your entire life, you may also have been told many of these things...

  • Just "eat less" and "move more" (yeah cause that's helpful, right? 🤷🏼🫢)

  • You're "not trying hard enough"

  • "X" condition is inevitable for you because of family history

My least favorite was hearing how inadequate I was in comparison to everyone. Yes, even my own family had the habit of making comments of inadequacy or lower value.

Me, my sister, My dad and older sister (2007)

Because of that, I hid, kept to myself and held onto the belief that I was stuck like this, broken, lacking any value and undeserving to who I was and what I had in my life, for the majority of my life. According to their imposed belief, I felt I didn't have the ability to fix myself, myself.

I was 16 when I was told by my parents that I should think about weight loss surgery. I remember being told, where I was, how I felt, sights, smells, everything. It was one of those painful pivotal moments in my adolescence.

I was being told, yet again, I was broken, without value unless I had an elective surgery to address external, secondary factors to why I was obese as a 16 year old in the first place. They just wanted to "fix" me without hearing me, understanding me, or even trying to help why I was that way to begin with.

Side note, at that age, my mother had just recently passed away from complications that resulted from a breast implant surgery where her body rejected the implants and it killed her from the inside. This loss also fed my emotional eating monster.

Being made to feel broken and without value, SUCKS, and is especially harmful for an obese 16 year old who just lost her mother to elective surgery and already has an emotional eating problem. But then being told I too needed surgery to "fix me," put an incredible amount of fear in me. I felt like I was being sentenced to die at an early age.

So I cried and ate more in private, this is where my weight gain hit the gas pedal to the floor.

I have seen, watched, read about, listened to stories of many who have undergone successful weight loss surgeries. However, a common factor that fails to be addressed is the behavior and mindset that brought them to become the weight they started at.

Many folks feel like I did. (And maybe still do?)

Undeserving, worthless, etc.

Should our happiness come from only fixing external factors and looking for the easy, "quick" route with bodily modification?

Again, many people only will consider looking for, and using, these quick fixes only to have no long-lasting results after the initial loss. Or worse, they'll gain back what was initially lost.

At some point, if not already, we all will come to our breaking point in our health if we are unsatisfied. Why are we made to believe that it has to be extreme like surgery?

I personally feel that our bodies know how to balance the imbalances, especially with weight.

When you understand the value of balance and healing that comes with integrating a fasting lifestyle into your life, no other options will even compare to this.

You are not a broken compartment.

You are valuable, strong and able to heal from within with fasting.

I've walked the walk, I'm passionate about the talk.

You can do this. You can heal yourself.

✨I believe in you, even if you don't.✨

If you need support, I'm here, and I'd love to help.

✨💛 -vs

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