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Fasting Support

All consults and meetings with me are through ZOOM.

1 - on - 1 Consults

Your 1-on-1 consultations through Zoom will get you the most direct and exact approach that you will need to be successful. The frequency of these consults is up to you and you're never locked into anything. 

Group Support

Looking for your "tribe?" Through my online Zoom group meetings, fasters can connect with other like-minded individuals to strengthen their approach and find a feeling of community with fellow fasters! 


Best Value

SUBSCRIBER PROMO: 30 Day Fasting Plan



Customized fasting plan and MORE - just for you!

Valid until canceled

4 - 30 min Zoom consults.

Access to PDF Download of T F F L Official Handbook

Education and guidance on your custom fasting method

Motivational help and education on overcoming obstacles


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