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Dedicated Fasting Support

Having an accountability and support coach on your fasting journey can be the difference between struggling or successfully meeting all your health and weight loss goals.


Cliché, yes, but I am not your average coach. My dedication to you as your coach is to show and support you through the enjoyable simplicity of this lifestyle tool. With my guidance and support, you will quickly understand the deep benefits and importance of allowing your body to practice human history's oldest healing modality. 

Whether you're new entirely, or a struggling experienced faster, I am confident I can help you. 

I believe in you, even if you don't.

Evidence suggests that a coach-client involvement in the health-improvement process with self-determination, self-responsibility, and propriety positively affects motivation, satisfaction, adherence, and long-term health results. (Muñoz Obino et al., 2017)

Get ready to embark on your last weight loss method and feel the effects of what, I feel, makes The Fasting Focused Lifestyle so life-changing.


I look forward to connecting with you!

- Vicki Sheerin



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