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If you have tried fasting, intermittent fasting, alternative day fasting, or extended water fasting, but still struggle with permanent results, this handbook is for you.

My name is Vicki, and I am excited to be your fasting coach!
First and foremost, fasting is NOT A DIET, it's a LIFESTYLE TOOL!

It's not always about WHAT we eat, but WHEN we eat.
Fasting is more than just "not eating." This deliberate choice to abstain from eating, over time, allows your body to instinctively use your stored body fat for fuel, lose weight, and in turn, restore a homeostatic balance in the mind and body.

This fasting handbook has been lovingly and thoughtfully arranged with you in mind. In this handbook, you will be able to learn more about what makes fasting such a valuable lifestyle tool while using my personal recommendations and data-backed guidance to apply to your own fasting journey. My goal is to compassionately provide you with all the tools and knowledge you need, to get achievable results, not just for simple and permanent weight loss, but for overall long-term wellness and improved longevity.

The Fasting Focused Lifestyle Mini Digital Handbook

  • After downloading PDF, this handbook can be printed for use, or can be uploaded onto any tablet for digital use.

  • 13.2 MB

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