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End of 2022, but I have a gift for you!

Greetings! How has this year been for you?

My wish for all you lovely subscribers is to have a happy AND healthy end to this year and to have the strength to go into your new year with a strong and fierce mindset so that "weight loss" is never a challenging resolution anymore.

I remember my first new year when I was no longer needing to concern myself with shedding excess body weight. It felt SO LIBERATING! It was January 2021 and it was my first new year in maintenance. Was I scared? Maybe a little.

However those small feelings of fear were quickly replaced with the feeling of "Oh yeah! I've got this!"

The truth is, as I have excitedly shared before, ANYONE can have this freeing feeling! YOU TOO CAN BE AN AFTER! And stay there! This lifestyle can be absolutely life-changing and have a beautiful rippling effect on many other things in your life that you may not initially realize. My Christmas wish is for you all to achieve this same incredible feeling for yourself! And I KNOW you can do this!

To help my valued subscribers (yes, YOU!) start the year off properly, I have decided to GIFT a $20 discount on my 30-minute consults, starting TODAY!

Did you know if you started today, you could see (and feel) a noticeable difference before Christmas?! It's true!

Ready to start? Your $20 off code: TFFL2023

If you are struggling with your weight, health, and emotional eating, but are also financially struggling, I understand completely and don't want you to feel left out either. If this is you, please send me a message at letting me know and I will have a special code for you.

As always, I truly believe in you, even if you don't. Big hugs to you, friend. -Vicki

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