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My Book Is Getting PUBLISHED! 🤩

🥳🎉 Woo-hoo! I am so excited to finally share this!

Yesterday was a big day, the day my book finally was finished and submitted for publishing with Amazon and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

While this doesn't "yet" mean it's available for purchase on Amazon, it IS the final step before it is available, which is still exciting. This also means that my physical book will be available for purchase just in time for holiday shopping, and also with plenty of time to purchase before the new year!

As many of you may know, this has been a year-long labor of love (sweat and tears), and I'm so proud to have finally finished it. My goal with this handbook is to replicate myself in a concise kind of book format for anyone needing fasting support for permanent results.

I have taken an incredibly large amount of time (I did not want to rush this) in the writing and editing because I wanted this to be as authentic and personable as possible. Similar to my fasting journey, I knew if I rushed this process, or "half-assed" it, I would not have had the same end result. As I've shared how proud I am of my weight loss journey, I'm just as proud to have finally finished compiling all this valuable information together in my book.

The feedback I have been getting from my book already from the sales of the digital format has been really special and meaningful to hear from readers. I truly feel that this book is such a unique and thoughtful compilation of guidance and support, unlike any other fasting resource currently available (trust me, I've looked).

Check out this review on my Etsy store:

I truly believe this handbook has the potential for massive health improvements in the lives of those who need it. I can't wait to continue to hear about how others benefit from using my book in their health and wellness journeys.

Side note- if you've used my digital handbook and have had ANY success with it, send me an email, I wanna hear about it!

Since I love having an important project to continue to work on, with the completion of my handbook, I've realized I'm ready for my next challenge.

My next focus project is now going to be to continue spending more time working on my reflective/supportive (and kind of artsy) manuscript, which will really go into deep detail on all the hard, messy, and emotional lessons I overcame that contributed to my emotional eating. I'm really excited to share more of my story and the nitty-gritty details of the behind-the-scenes of my mindset and how you can implement my hard-learned lessons into your lives to also improve your health and wellness.

So, if you're interested stay tuned for that too!

I promise I will send out notifications when my handbook is available to purchase from Amazon, and I look forward to seeing pictures of you all with your copy!

Big thanks and gratitude to you all again, and big supportive hugs to you too!



I recently announced my special BLACK FRIDAY BOGO sale, but just in case you missed it, here's the breakdown.

With the 30-Day Fasting Support Plan (and everything that already comes with it), I have decided to also include the Group Support Plan, which includes access to 6 online group meetings, FOR FREE! These group meetings are held bi-weekly (all available dates are on my calendar). So if you are ready to get started on your journey and really benefit from bonus group support, this sale will cover all the bases!

My BLACK FRIDAY SALE will continue to be effective for the rest of this year:

And for those who need support, but don't quite need the full consultation services, I am still running a subscriber promotional sale on my handbook:

"The Fasting Focused Lifestyle Official Handbook" Sale: (Originally $34.95) now only $19.95 (*must be a subscriber to my email list to get promotional code!)

I know how many of us are under financial hardship, especially this time of the year. Everything has become so insanely costly with the increase in prices of everything. I also know there are many folks out there who have contacted me about getting support because of low funds and inability to pay.

To help folks experiencing this I have rolled out an additional promotion:

Big virtual hugs to you! You got this! Now let's go get your after! 😉

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