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Will 2024 Be The Last Year You Aim To Lose Weight?

What if weight loss was never another New Year's resolution?

For many years, I remember imagining myself finally having my "ish" together enough to fix my weight for the upcoming year. I thought about how "this year felt different," and it might just be "my year." This also meant I would have bought into or set up some insane dietary plan or program that was radically different and way more challenging than I initially realized.

Sound familiar?

None of these radical attempts ever held long-term permanence, until fasting.


Now, looking back with the understanding of this lifestyle to what weight loss attempts I made, I understand WHY all the methods I tried, became failures.

The actual process of intentionally shedding, burning, or eliminating excess body weight is something, I feel, is extremely overcomplicated by our society. We are constantly led to believe that this process has to come from severely punishing, limiting, and restricting ourselves. We are told to use our focus, discipline, or willpower, but those will only take us so far.

Society tells us we have to make drastic changes to our way of life, our eating habits, and our activity level. They tell us we have to use a formula, a regimen, or a list of acceptable foods or products to be successful. They tell us we need to use products to trick and confuse our body to suppress our appetite, increase our energy, or improve how we "burn fat." Conventional diet culture intends to lead you to believe that you can't fix your weight unless you buy into a product, fad, gimmick, powder, drink, or other quick fix.

All of this, I feel, leads to a massive amount of confusion, misinformation, and an incredible disservice to the way your body can improve itself when the conditions are right.

Through a fasting lifestyle, I realized how important it was to truly LOVE your journey.

How many other conventional weight loss methods are out there where people can truly, honestly, and sincerely say they love the process?

Off the top of my head, none come to mind.

I can confidently say, I love my fasting lifestyle, and I want the same for you.

But again, many others will try to overcomplicate this process of deep healing and balance, and by doing so, it can cause feelings of disappointment where you abandon this method altogether.

This is where I emphasize consistency and simplicity on your journey from the start.

Yes, there will be many ups, downs, "plateaus," and moments where you'll feel tested in your efforts.

But think about this, if you've ever been in a strong relationship or had a great best friend... would you let little hiccups or bumps in the road deter you from what you know is a truly incredible and valuable part of your life? Hopefully not.

This is why I've always said fasting is not a diet. Fasting is an incredibly flexible tool that can be integrated into any lifestyle, with patience and lots of self-compassion.

While it can be wonderful in your intentions to want to overhaul everything at the start of the new year in trying to integrate fasting into your life, I would instead like to challenge you to skip the overhaul. Start small and simple with this lifestyle. If you find that you're unhappy with how you are eating all day long, fasting can help, but don't overcomplicate this process. Be gentle and kind to yourself on this journey, and let the healing happen in your timeline. Avoid societal influences that dictate how long it should take to reach your goal. Keep an open mind in this process for what healing and balance can (and will) happen.

Remember, fasting is the OLDEST healing modality in recorded human history. We are NOT meant to be eating constantly from sun up to sun down.

Remember too, that you don't have to do this alone, I am ready to help!

I Believe In You, Even If You Don't!


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Big virtual hugs to you!

You got this! Now go get your after! 😉

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Love the picture about loving your life and no shaming!

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