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Using Fasting Through The Holidays & A Special SALE!

Instead of thinking about this lifestyle tool as a limiting restriction, think of it as your lifestyle balancing tool, especially through this holiday season.

Last year I made this video for my TikTok account with my top 3 tips to easily make it through the holiday season with minimal (or none) weight gain. In this post, I'll go over each tip in a little more detail.

Tip #1 - Fast Consistently

This should be pretty self-explanatory if you have consulted with me or have seen any of my other content, but it's true. Even on days of big planned feasts, I would absolutely still advocate for fasting in the earlier part of the day to help offset the high consumption of food to be eaten later. Bonus, I would highly advocate for integrating some form of physical activity during this time also. My personal plans (for Thanksgiving) are to do our traditional 5k "Turkey Trot" in the morning before we go to our friend's house to eat later. While I am NOT aiming to hit any personal record, we all habitually enjoy our holiday tradition that we have participated in each year since before my husband passed away. I believe my earliest memory was doing it while pushing our babies in a double stroller at our local YMCA.

Exercising during a fasting state increases lipolysis in adipose tissue while also stimulating peripheral fat oxidation, resulting in increased fat utilization and weight loss - NIH Study

Tip #2 - Always Break With A Dietary Fat

Think about this for a moment, when your body is in a fasted state, it's using your body fat for fuel. So naturally, the most gentle and effective way to break that fast is to consume a dietary fat to break. Now I would NOT advocate for a massive serving when you do. Conversely, I would encourage you to remember that your stomach is roughly the size of your fist (unless you've had stomach surgery) and to use your hand as a serving size instead of thinking or feeling like you have to make a serving size from any other kitchen tools.

What's a good dietary fat?

For this, I would encourage you to think about the nutritional density, specifically the ratio of dietary fats in the foods you'd like to use to break. Personally, I tend to reach for a handful of nuts, either cashews, pistachios, or a good serving of avocado when breaking. Getting to know the quality of your favorite food choices will be very helpful on your fasting journey. I would also encourage you to get creative and think about food new food options or combinations so you never get too tired of the same choices each day.

Tip #3 - Eat Carbs Last!

To reinforce this point, I am going to include the following graph and link to Dr Jason Fung's video on this topic:

Eating carbs last versus first is more beneficial in reducing insulin and glucose, which plays a big role in weight gain. To maximize weight loss, eat the carbs last. -Dr. Jason Fung (see video here)

Remember that during the holidays, you can (and should) always still participate in the special meals and treats that are often present during these gatherings. As mentioned and discussed above, the timing of your food consumption can absolutely make a difference in your daily fasting routine and consequently have a last effect on whether or not you are able to keep up this lifestyle even after the holidays are over.

Bonus, using a small serving (or capsule) of apple cider vinegar can help to minimize the glycemic and insulin effect after eating a carb-heavy meal. (for more info on this topic see video linked here)

Bonus Tip #5 - Check In With Yourself

Do you have a daily routine of checking in with yourself? If not, you may want to consider thinking about how you can integrate moments to take mental, hormonal, and emotional inventory in the morning, and throughout your day, especially while in a fasted state. I personally recommend integrating moments of meditation as often as possible, in each day of your journey.

What I mean specifically is to check your level of stress, think about how much tension you feel in each moment that you can, and consciously recognize if you are holding or clenching your muscles because of external stressors that may be on your mind. My personal favorite method is to integrate boxed breathing methods.

I've attached a video link to a great resource with Headspace:

Please Enjoy Your Time With Friends & Family

Many of these special holiday gatherings are wonderful opportunities that don't get to happen for the rest of the year. So I would encourage you to mindfully be as present as possible with each gathering, especially when they're focused around food. Think of additional activities or physically active things you can do with your loved ones that do not revolve around food. Whether active games or walks outside, the memories you make in these times of gathering can always be thoughtfully re-centered towards long-term healthy traditions if you are willing to make the small changes.


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Happy Thanksgiving and big virtual hugs to you! You got this! Now let's go get your after! 😉

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