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Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going? And How Does This Relate To You?

Where have I been?

I had the best intentions for this post, I really did. I started writing it in the Orlando International Airport and had plenty of time to prepare, I had it all mapped out in my mind and in my notes.

But as you can see below, the post remained unfinished until today.


(I initially started this post on 3/5/24)

Currently, I am typing this from the Orlando International Airport. I am touching base with some fasters while I have time before I go to my gate to board.

For those that missed my update, I am currently en route to Ikaria, Greece, to visit this Blue Zone again, as a more in-depth visit, similar to my last trip there in the summer of 2022.

Today, before I go into my update, I wanted to genuinely give a tremendous extension of gratitude to you all first and foremost for having patience with me as I have been navigating this challenging part of my life.

Letting any of my podcast and regular communication slip was not an intention, but a temporary need to maintain my health and wellness as well as authenticity. I knew if I made any attempts to put together an episode or blog content with what I was currently having to handle, the quality would be less than what I have come to expect from myself.

So I focused on the bigger picture instead of getting hung up on the day-to-day details. I also found tremendous opportunities to pare down and simplify many things. Even after 4 years of being a great tenant to our landlords in our rental home, the owner decided he wanted to sell the house instead of renting, and I was not in any position to purchase, so we are moving.

Major unexpected life changes and challenges were a big contribution to my previous weight before my success with my fasting lifestyle.

There were so many quick abrupt and out of nowhere changes that happened throughout my life. I grasped the victim card as my identity from a very early age, not letting go until I started having success with my fasting lifestyle.

This is something that I see in various forms in my fasting clients, and it always prompts me to give a generous virtual hug, because I know what it's like to feel stuck and broken for so long. But I will always remind my folks that those small careful, deliberate steps can and will take you in the right direction for yourself and your future.


Where Am I Going?

Today, over a month later...

I am home from this trip and I am ready to catch everyone up! (I did share my daily sort of photo check-ins on my Facebook page (if you found me from here).

I am happy to say that I am back to a regular podcasting schedule again! :) (Thanks again for your patience and understanding!)

With the new podcast episode, I finally took actionable steps to attach this week's podcast episode to this blog post like I have always wanted to do, and I am proud.

Later this week, however, I will go back to Greece again to figure out the next set of plans for my family's future. But I want to let you all know that unlike last time, I will not be blocking off my calendar for my fasting consults, instead, I will be only closing off the ability to book same-day consults. I am still always eagerly ready to continue to support you! :)

I am thankful that despite the challenges I face, there are elements in my present that I can think about with gratitude instead of succumbing to a victim, frozen mindset as I have previously done so often.

Like the ability to travel, I have ALWAYS loved the hustle and bustle of the airport.

I LOVE people-watching, seeing folks from all around the world, from little kids to the elderly. It's incredibly fascinating to me and yet I am also reminded about how my present situation is also a poignant reminder of our weight loss attempts with fasting as a lifestyle tool.

I LOVE how the concept of traveling allows us to go where we want to go with minimal travel supplies with us. This has taught me incredible flexibility, empathy, and patience for being okay with having and living with less. This understanding has been incredibly helpful to tap into while the entire contents of my rental home were picked through and sold off to people I had never met before, at prices I never knew I would have to assign.

I LOVE how the moments here and there are available for me to observe my current environment with indescribable gratitude. I get to explore and experience my upcoming adventures in big life changes, no matter how new and potentially scary they may feel at times.

Traveling, no matter if just up the road, or across the world, always seems to bring me a sense of peace and appreciation for the world we live in. I love embracing the adventurous spirit that traveling allows me.

What about you? Have you also had any exciting adventures or big life changes recently? Email me,


As always, big virtual hugs to you, and please remember,

I believe in you, even if you don't.

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