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Greetings, GOOD GRACIOUS, GREAT news, and GREECE?!

*deep breath*

Wow, y'all. I am absolutely beside myself lately.

First of all, I want to take a moment to pause and thank every single one of you. Many of you here are new subscribers, and many of you have been a part of this community for a while.

Either way, I see you, I hear you, and I appreciate and am so thankful for you, yes, YOU!

As I have said before, my intent has always been to advocate for a fasting lifestyle, in being the change I wish to see in the world. Big things are happening on a regular basis and it's incredible to see how far these beautiful ripples have been reaching. I have been incredibly fortunate to connect with folks from all around the world so far. It's incredibly humbling and so powerful.

I am truly seeing my dreams and goals come to life. It's all such a beautiful experience so far.

For the newcomers, and for the folks who haven't heard from me in a little bit (sorry again about that), here's a quick recap.

  • Started fasting in Aug. 2018 (averaged approx 20lbs shed a month) gradually utilizing all the various forms of fasting.

  • Aug 2020, met all the goals I had set for myself on this journey, not just weight but lots of NSV too. Total 203.8lbs shed, size "XXL" to "S."

  • Overcame traumatic emotional eating-filled childhood/adolescence/adulthood

  • Overcame many plateaus, many life stressors like the quarantine of 2020, and the continued stressors from the previous year with my husband passing away and becoming a widow.

  • in Sept 2020, I became highly motivated to further share with others and found a degree and curriculum I knew would help me reach my goals with Arizona State University Online. (Been maintaining Dean's List since first starting)

  • From my academic achievements, consistently good standing, and passion for lifelong learning, I applied and was selected to a small group of like-minded health-conscious students to further study health, wellness, and longevity of life... in Ikaria, Greece.

Y'all, I was selected to GO to GREECE!

So "technically," yes it's a vacation, but I don't necessarily see it as such. I see this trip as an educational, professional development trip, like continuing education. Of course, I plan to enjoy myself there, but my inner nerd is going to be in full swing, absorbing, learning, and taking in everything I can from this experience, not just for my academic pursuits but most of all, to be able to be wiser and more experienced and ready to help, inspire, motivate and educate every future person I continue to connect with on this journey of health and wellness.

The Mediterranean Diet of Ikarian Centenarians:

And the most inspiring little tidbit on top of all of this?

Yes! Fasting is common practice among Ikarian islanders, and it plays an important role in their healthy lifestyles.

I am incredibly excited to absorb everything I can from this trip and I cannot wait to continue to pour all my learning experience back into this community!


Until my trip to Greece, which is TODAY, I'll be keeping you all posted and updated here with my online journaled experience. Thank you again for being a part of this amazing community.

Stay tuned for updates :)



Dan Buettener. (2016, July 30). Ikaria, Greece - blue zones. Blue Zones - Live Better, Longer. Retrieved June 4, 2022, from

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