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Let's Have Some Real Talk (& tips!)

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Hi friend ☺️

How are you doing? Like how are you REEALLLLY doing? I care about you!

Every day I hear from folks (maybe like you reading this?) who continually get down on themselves, verbally beating themselves up for their shortcomings or thinking they're not doing enough for themselves on their journeys.

If this is you, stop for a moment, relax your shoulders, take a long, deep breath, and repeat after me...


How did that feel? Could you even say it at all?

Changing your life can be hard and even harder to break away from habits and behaviors that have become so habitual in our lives. I know this all too well.

We are halfway through the first month of the new year, and my hope for you all who have started (or restarted) your fasting journeys is that you are starting to see and feel the changes that are taking place within yourselves. If I have consulted with you previously or if you've seen any of my previous content, you know I strongly advocate for making tiny changes and adaptations to make long-term changes sustainable and permanent. But additionally, to go along with those tiny changes, your emotions and feelings towards those changes makes a big influence as well. Do you get overreactive or defensive when something in your day doesn't work out as you had hoped? Are you in a constant state of stress and worry about your health and wellness?

This used to be me.

I used to have a very strong "victim" mentality and I was constantly thinking, fretting, and freaking out about things that were "potentially" going to be happening and overthinking the moments that had already become my past. This was my reality for way too long.

When I integrated a beginning level of fasting into my life, I had high hopes for potentially life-changing results. But I knew, from very early on, that my focus had to switch from overthinking about the past and future to bringing my attention to every single second of this present moment.

🤷🏼How do I do this?

I have many methods, but...

My preferred resource is music.

My kids have always joked that my Spotify music player was "my boyfriend." Honestly, they're not wrong. I almost ALWAYS am listening to my music on Spotify. (and no this isn't an ad) The music player curates daily playlists based on your likes (hearts) and recommends future songs you may enjoy. I have an obscene amount of songs that I have "liked" and subsequently, so many playlists to where my children have even made a playlist of music they like that we listen to when out and about.

So for you, dear reader and friend, I have a gift: The Fasting Focused Lifestyle Motivational Playlist 😌💛✨🎧🎶

For the past month or so, I have been curating, what I feel, is an empowering, motivating, and uplifting playlist of my favorite songs (so far). This playlist is a living and constantly updated little slice of my quirky musical heart. My hope is that you are able to enjoy this playlist whenever and however you like, to compliment your journey in the most positively impactful way (after you've caught up on my most recent podcast episode of course 😏✨💛).

What I would additionally like to challenge you to do is to think about what you love and are proud of yourself for, right in this very moment, no matter how small! Hold onto that feeling of pride and happiness for who you are, and what you are currently doing. I also want to encourage you to take a moment to give yourself some grace, compassion, and forgiveness for the learning experiences that have shaped you into where you are currently. (Side note, are you doing your self-love mirror talks?🧐)

This new year has only just begun, and if you're reading this, there is still so much time, hope, and opportunity for you to make this life of yours as beautiful and meaningful as you can.

If you're in need of support, I'm still here ready to help you, and I'll always care, regardless of where you are on your journey.

✨I believe in you, even if you don't.✨


PS- I am still offering $20 off 30-minute consults with me with the code TFFL2023. Also, if finances are standing in the way of your ability to have a consult with me, please reach out, I will never turn anyone away who is ready to make changes for their health and future. ✨💛

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