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The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.

Benjamin Franklin


By now you've heard it mentioned or heard my story but still have no idea what fasting is and want to learn more?

First and foremost, its NOT A DIET! Its a LIFESTYLE!

Its not always WHAT we eat, but WHEN we eat.

THIS deep rooted, yet VERY common issue is something very commonly associated with most obesity issues.

We are told to eat almost all day, 3 meals, snacks in between, yet we wonder WHY we can't seem to lose excess weight despite following a strict diet program?



Our hormonal relationship to food in general, with sensitivity to triggers, stressors and trauma causing us to give into those hormonally driven requests, while perpetuating guilt from those decisions, endlessly repeating...(sound familiar? Its cause Ive been there too, friend)



It is my mission to help YOU learn how to easily implement fasting into YOUR life,

so YOU can successfully live The Fasting Focused Lifestyle!


Learn how to handle the day to day stresses with fasting

Get started with fasting even if you've never tried before

Discover the best food choices to compliment your fasting lifestyle


Looking to make some changes to your life?

I started The Fasting Focused Lifestyle 

to provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need in order to reach your goals.

My customized approach is designed so that clients find meaningful and immediate takeaways.

My goal is to empower and educate you to live a long, healthy, and meaningful life with fasting as a tool to help you get there.

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Most of the current global obesity epidemic is caused by not just simply "over-eating," but rather our emotional (and hormonal) relationship with WHAT and HOW we eat day to day. My goal is to help you identify what that is and help you conquer it.


Looking for your "tribe?" Through my online Zoom group meetings, fasters can connect with other like-minded individuals to strengthen their approach and find a feeling of community with fellow fasters! 


Your 1-on-1 consultations through Zoom will get you the most direct and exact approach that you will need to be successful. The frequency of these consults is up to you and you're never locked into anything. 

"I wanted to say thank you!!! You are a huge inspiration to me! This morning I broke through that “stall” I’m finally down under 220lbs!! I could cry tears of joy and did."

"I started this journey because of your story. It gave me the courage to try. I have lost some weight and I am learning how to recognize my stressors in regard to my eating habits. There are days I manage very well others days not so well. But, your story has kept me encouraged. Thank you"

"I started my fasting journey a week ago tomorrow. 7lbs down and just a week in I'm feeling better than I have in a long time!  Watching you go through your journey has inspired me to do the same. Thank you for being such an inspiration.I always thought that this was going to be hard. I thought skipping breakfast was gonna be torture but it really wasn't hard at all. I didn't realize how dependent on food I was.. I have even started drinking my coffee black to cut out cream and sugar and that was easy.  I am amazed at the difference in just one week"


"Amazing!!!  I have the amount of energy I had in my early twenties. I feel absolutely amazing!! I can't believe that I did not try this sooner. Not only do I physically feel better but I also battle depression and mentally I feel better as well.  It's strange how that worked."

"I talked to you on Monday morning, and today I saw you on that magazine at Wal-Mart. Said to myself, "Hey! That's my Vicki!" Hahaha! Totally bought it. Congratulations @thefastingfocusedlifestyle!!!! You are an inspiration! :)"

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